Student Placement

A placement with Beckett Rankine gives students the opportunity to gain engineering experience in the real world, and to put their studies to practical use. The following are testimonials from some of our past interns .


Guagan Jackson, University of Plymouth
Studying Mechanical Engineering - Civil and Coastal Engineering

"During my time with Beckett Rankine, I was given the responsibilities of making detailed drawings and briefing draughtsmen, as well as creating designs that involved calculations, research, problem solving, and computer-aided design using spreadsheets and STAAD Pro. I was also able to attend meetings and site visits.

I felt the experience was rewarding as I had a real part in helping to design projects to be built. It was also educational to be able to put the theories I have learnt during my studies into practice, as well as learning new theories. The knowledgeable staff at Beckett Rankine gave me advice on problem solving, my work, and my future career.

My time with Beckett Rankine taught me what skills I need to develop during my last year of education. I now know what level of skills I need to finish my studies, and to progress my career. I am now more focused in pursuing a career in marine engineering."

Jieling Li, Imperial College of London
Studying Civil and Environmental Engineering

"I worked as an assistant engineer during my placement at Beckett Rankine. My responsibilities included helping the engineers check reports and calculations and some simple structural designs. I was asked to design a pier, which was a new experience for me. It was not something I had studied before, but it was a great chance to gain experience in solving real life engineering problems. Trying to find the best solution was an interesting challenge. I also learnt that it was important to balance the quality and cost of the structure. I came across many questions which I would never have found in my textbooks!

I am sure that my experience at Beckett Rankine was extremely useful and invaluable to my future studies and career, and I now feel more confident. The Beckett Rankine team was very friendly and supportive. Before my internship, I didn't know much about coastal engineering. The engineers were always patient when I had questions, even though they were very busy with projects."

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