Our Team

Beckett Rankine is a firm of specialist marine consulting engineers. The company was founded in 1888 by the great-grandfather of one of the directors, and has remained in the hands of the Beckett and Rankine families ever since. The firm has offices in London and Mumbai. For information on Beckett Rankine Company Registration please click here.

At Beckett Rankine we pride ourselves on bringing flair to the design process in order to provide our clients with both appropriate and affordable solutions. The Beckett Rankine team has years of experience in marine infrastructure projects both in the UK and across the globe. Our team includes specialists in port planning, marine civil and structural design, ecologists, geotechnical engineers, diving engineers, master mariners and cargo handling engineers.

So what differentiates us from our competitors? Firstly there is our size, with around 25 staff in the UK we are considerably smaller than all our competitors but this is because, unlike them, we only do maritime work. Our staff are all dedicated maritime engineers, they do no other type of project. As a result they are among the best and most experienced engineers in the maritime field. The other differentiator is our independence; our competitors are now almost all owned by large multinational corporations who also own contracting organisations. At Beckett Rankine we are unaffected by the conflict that such ownership brings enabling us to provide our clients with truly independent advice.